What if you were able to share your calling, your vision, your ministry and your heart for teenagers with a tool that was engaging, relevant and high quality with potential ministry partners? What if your current ministry partners had a tool that they could share with their friends while at the same time sending you referrals? What if you had the ability to simply and easily share the entire presentation, complete with videos and pictures, with a potential ministry partner while you talk them through what they are seeing on their computer screen while you control the presentation from hundreds of miles away? Would a tool like this be valuable to you in your MPD efforts?

We here at Great Looking Websites have worked closely with Tim and Sue Ehrhart to put together a cutting-edge website with 4 separate videos that tell about ‘Our Story’, ‘Why Reach Teenagers’, ‘How We Reach Teenagers’, and ‘How Can You Help?’ that communicate their ministry in a quality and engaging style. The website is mobile responsive (resizes to fit a mobile or tablet device automatically), includes the ability for visitors to sign up for their newsletter, give online, and refer friends and family to the Ehrharts for follow-up.

And the complete Prezi Presentation (which we broke down into 4 separate videos for display on the website) is available for the Ehrharts to share remotely with potential ministry partners simply and easily with a few clicks of their mouse while they share with them in real time over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.

Having been on Cru staff myself for over 10 years, I feel I have a good grasp of the challenges and complexities of raising support, asking for referrals and maintaining good communication with ministry partners.

Take a Look at the Ehrhart’s Website

[custom_blockquote style=”green”]I love our new website!  It’s so much better than anything I could have done on my own.  Jeremy is creative, diligent and responsive.  I also appreciated his patience when he had to wait on me for content!  I have no doubt you will be pleased with his team’s work.
~Tim Ehrhart[/custom_blockquote]

Potential Uses & Cost Savings:

  1. Cut down on travel costs/time by replacing some of your support trips by meeting with potential ministry partners remotely.
  2. Use one of the videos as an introduction before speaking in front of a church, small group, Sunday school meeting, etc.
  3. Follow-up with someone you just met with an email including a link to your site to check it out and watch the videos.
  4. Cut down on printing costs since your leaving piece is now digital and can be updated at any point at no or low cost.
  5. Business-minded people love quality communication and there is a good chance that you already have a few on your support team that, if challenged in the right way, would give towards this new project.

Time Frame:

  • If you are motivated and work quickly, we can have the site and videos up and running in a few weeks.
  • This mostly depends on how quickly you are able to get to us the information and items we need (pictures, text for each page, recordings of your voice over for the videos, etc.).

Our Part:

  1. Create your personal ministry website.
  2. Provide you with a template video script to help you tell your story and share about your ministry.
  3. Create personalized Prezi videos that creatively tell your story and share your ministry (just like the ones on the Ehrhart’s site).
  4. Transfer the complete Prezi presentation to your personal Prezi Account (free) so you can remotely share your complete presentation with a potential ministry partner over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangout, in real time.
  5. Protect your new WordPress website with first-rate security and backup programs.
  6. Help you learn the basics of editing and updating your site on your own once it is finished. The WordPress platform is web-based so there is no software or cost to use and the basics are easy to learn.

Your Part:

  1. Provide the desired text and layout for each page.
  2. Provide personal pictures and choose the color scheme.
  3. Write and record the voice over narrative for the videos ($11-$24 for Headset mic on Amazon or Walmart).
  4. Purchase domain name and hosting through iPage.com – $24 for first year (includes free domain name), $7.50 a month for hosting thereafter and $15.99 for annual domain name (e.g. TimandSueCru.com) renewal.

We can build a similar website for you, complete with videos, to help you take the next step in MPD. If you have some questions or you would like to take the next step, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button below and let us know.

The Cost is 100% Reimbursable

50% is due up front and the final 50% is due upon completion. Payment plans are available.

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